Most Requested Programs

Defying the Odds: What We Can Learn From High Performing Schools Serving Students Living In Poverty

*Examines her original research findings based on high achieving elementary schools working with Latino students in poverty

Thematic Teaching: Integrating Across Disciplines

*Compares different approaches to thematic teaching and describes ways to build robust curriculum units

Using Multiple Measures to Monitor Growth

*Designs ways to monitor the five main components of a comprehensive literacy program: fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary and comprehension

Guided Reading In the Diverse Classroom

*Identifies ways to differentiate reading instruction and accelerate reading growth for all learners

Analyzing and Evaluating Writing of Simultaneous Bilinguals

*Examines how to create a professional development system to examine student writing using an analytic and holistic bilingual approach

What Is Academic Language?

*Analyzes different approaches to developing academic language in students

Connecting Literacy to Meaningful Learning

*Explains how to connect beyond the literacy classroom walls into community service learning projects

Reaching Latino English Language Learners

*Examines research based strategies and culturally relevant pedagogy that helps bridge Latino students and their families to the school community

How To Motivate Your Students to Write

*Discusses key practices that engage students in daily writing